Margot Kerr – NBA coach Steve Kerr’s wife

Could it be possible that a new NBA Wag is coming to the New York Knicks? That is a possibility, yes, since Teri Woodson left the building,  a series of names of the possible WAGS joining their husband to take on the role of coach to the NY Knicks has come to our ears, one of those names is that of Margot Kerr the beautiful wife of coach Steve Kerr. 48-year-old Lebanese basketball coach and former NBA player Steve Kerr attended Cairo American College n Egypt and Palisades High School in Cali, and then  the University of Arizona; his dad Malcolm Kerr was serving as President  of the American University of Beirut. Kerr’s life was stuck by tragedy on January 18, 1984, when his dad was shot and … [Read more...]