Carol Kelly Ryan : Wisconsin Badgers Coach Bo Ryan´s Wife

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Coach Bo Ryan has been coach for the Wisconsin Badgers for 13 years, meaning that all those years we have been watching his beloved and beautiful wife Mrs. Kelly Ryan by his side.

66-year-old Bo Ryan was born William Francis Ryan, the son of Butch Ryan, a basketball coach to underprivileged children, Bo Ryan played football, basketball and baseball in high school, but stick to basketball when he attended at Wikes University. He began his coaching career at Brookhaven Junior High School in Pennsylvania.

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He also worked at Sun Valley High and at the university of Wisconsin- Platteville, he was hired by the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 1999, in 2002 the Badgers came with two choices about who could replace their former coach Dick Bennett, one choice was Bo Ryan and the other Rick Majerus who was the coach of the University of Utah, who then pulled out his name, leaving Pat Ritcher with the man of the hour, Bo Ryan!

Shall we meet Bo Ryan´s fab Wife?

Wisconsin Badgers Kelly Ryan

62-year-old Carol Kelly Ryan his beloved and caring wife for over 39 years, who has enriched their lives by giving birth to their five amazing children Megan,  Will, Matt, Brenna and Mairin, some of them have given them the great joy of making  them  grandpa and grandma.

Kelly Ryan  Bo Ryan wife-picsKelly Ryan  Bo Ryan wife pic

Megan Ryan now Megan Kaiser and her husband Matthew have three adorable girls Aoife, Imogen, Maeve, Will and his lovely wife have two handsome boys Owen and Liam. OMG! these are the cutest children, so adorable!!!

bo ryan grandchildrenbo ryan grandchildren pic

but not as adorable as these  grandparents, I bet these spoil their grandchildren so bad, I don’t blame them!

Bo Ryan granddaughtersKelly Ryan  Bo Ryan wife-pic

Follow Bo Ryan´s incredible wife Mrs. Kelly Ryan on Twitter here.

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