Brittany Brees, 5 Facts About Drew Brees’ wife

Brittany BreesBrittany Brees, Drew Brees’ wife

Drew Brees’ wife Brittany Brees gave birth to three sons and a daughter. As each of the couple’s three previous children was a boy, Brittany finally has some company with the fourth child installment coming in the female variety. They named their kids Rylen, Callen, Bowen, and Baylen. I have to say, I don’t like any of those names. I would have rather they named their kids Seven, Ballin’, Clappin’, and Brewin’. But hey, that’s just me. I guess when you win a Super Bowl, you start to want things in sets.

Drew Brees’ wife did tell him it was the last one she’d be having. He also said he’s going to have the snip.

Drew Brees’ wife  maintains life at home

Brittany said that she’s a “gatekeeper.” She said, “You’re protecting your husband, you’re making sure no added stress is put onto his plate. So you’re making sure everyone has hotel rooms, everyone has tickets, everyone is happy.” So basically she’s a travel agent? She went on to say she pretends that nothing is wrong and things are just an average day during a Super Bowl. She then added that inside she just wants to throw up. There’s a lot of nervous energy when your husband is going to the Super Bowl. That was back in 2010 when the Saints won against the Colts.

A look at Drew Brees on social media paints a picture of a family man, and her wife is everywhere with him and their kids. Drew Brees’ wife met him in college, and they have been inseparable ever since. They bring their kids to places like the driving range, the beach, and frozen yogurt shops. Their favorite place to go is a cheap sandwich shop chain in their neighborhood. Brittany makes Drew healthy food, but he indulges sometimes after a workout. The whole family even met the triple crown winner, American Pharaoh last year in 2015. Drew said he had a very calm demeanor. He’s a champ, Drew, he’s got nothing to prove.

The fear of the concussion

Now Brittany Brees has been there through everything.  The ups and downs, the championships, and the high draft pick seasons.  You’d think that Drew would be an open book with his wife of nearly 15 years.   And she is,…. for almost everything.  Drew is obviously concerned about his wife worrying about him.  Hey, no one wants their spouse to worry.  But if it came to a football related concussion, Drew Brees wife would be left in the dark. recounts the story as described on the Dan Patrick Show.

In an interview with Dan Patrick on the Thursday, the New Orleans Saints quarterback said he wouldn’t want his wife, Brittany Brees, to worry about him.

When Patrick asked Brees if he would tell his wife if he got his “bell rung” in a game, he replied, “No.”

Here are 5 Facts About Drew Brees’ wife Brittany Brees:

  1. -Drew Brees began dating girlfriend Brittany Dudchenko in his sophmore year at Purdue. The couple were married shortly thereafter and had their first child on January 15, 2009.
  2. -Their son, Baylen Robert Brees was born on his father’s 30th birthday. Baylen was followed by Bowen Christopher Brees, Callen Christian Brees and finally by daughter Rylen Judith Brees.
  3. -Drew Brees and his wife Brittany are becoming increasingly known for their charitable endeavors. They recently gave $2,000,000 to Purdue to help enhance Purdue’s athletic programs.
  4. -Though they were both in San Diego, their efforts in New Orleans to help rebuild the city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina has been astounding.
  5. -Brees was the first major free agent to sign with the Saints and has pledged to do all he can to help inspire people to return to the city. They now currently live in an affluent neighborhood with Archie Manning.

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