Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor

Kia Proctor

Kia Proctor is the lovely wife of NFL player, Cam Newton.

Kia’s professional athlete is widely known as a quarterback currently playing for the New England Patriots.

In addition to his success on the field, Newton has also had success with the ladies. At 31, he is believed to have between five and seven children with at least two different women.

For more info about the couple including their careers, personal details, their net worth and achievements, keep on reading.

Cam Newton Wife

Cam Newton wife is Kia Proctor. Cam and wife Kia Proctor made their first public appearance at the 2013 Kentucky Derby. The then unknown Kia Proctor sent the internet to work to learn more.
This research eventually showed that Cam and Kia were expecting a child. While initially just a rumor, the couple eventually confirmed the story. Especially after Cam did the “cradle a baby” touchdown dance in week 17. Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor quickly became a national story.

Cam Newton wife Kia Proctor bio

Cam Newton wife is Kia Proctor, who is also the mother of four of his children.

Cam Newton and Kia Proctor share four children together; Sovereign-Dior, Cashmere, Chosen, and Camidas. She is also the mother of another daughter from a previous relationship, Shakira.

Cam and Kia were in a romantic relationship for years but have been broken up since 2019.
Their split may have something to do with the fact that while Kia was pregnant with the couple’s four child, there was also another woman who became pregnant by Newton.

Kia Proctor bio

Kia was born in Virginia-Maryland as Shakia Proctor, on 16 October 1988. Her parents are Jerome Proctor and Ann Marie who are natives of Virginia and have mixed ethnicities.
Not much more is known about them, as Kia hasn’t disclosed any information about any other relatives.

Kia was very active while in high school, as she did gymnastics and played volleyball, but became keen on football only after meeting Cam.

Kia Proctor Net Worth timeline

As an ex-stripper, dancer and model, Kia has accumulated some wealth.
When she worked as a dancer at the Washington DC Stadium Club, Kia earned an estimated $85,000, and has apparently accumulated over $1 million.
Additionally, her association with Cam Newton has definitely increased her wealth, which can be expected to increase.

Kia Proctor ventures

The busy mom also makes time for a number of ventures. Kia Proctor has her own page, Shades of Kia-where she shares her life with the world. She’s made a name for herself due to her glamour style.

On the about me section she writes

“Kia Proctor is known for her glamorous East Coast style , talent and her ability to talk to anyone . As the leader of her household Kia is down-to-earth, gorgeous blonde deftly juggling family life and multiple project ventures. This mother of 4 makes it look easy and effortless!​”

On her website you can also check out her blog.

Kia Proctor sources of income

Kia sure has an ability to juggle multiple projects. On her Linktree link on social media, she is behind products like Lemon CBD Tea, Nutraburst, NRG, Resolution Drops, Matrix among others.

How much does Kia Proctor make a month?

Last September while seeking child support Kia revealed she only makes $1,276 per month working for minimum wage. She says she did not work during her six years together with Newton.

According to court papers, Kia Proctor claims she spends more than $15,000 per month to care for hers and Newton’s four children. She calculated a $15,678 monthly figure based on $3,000 in household and grocery items, $2,966 on child care, $2,640 for a car payment, $666 in clothing, $416 in entertainment and $300 in grooming.

Kia Proctor Net Worth 2021

According to online sources Kia Proctor has an estimated net worth of around 1 million dollars.

Kia Proctor favorite hobbies

Kia has been a huge fan of the film industry since she was a teenager, and her favorite actor and actress are Will Smith and Rosario Dawson, while some of her favorite movies include “Seven Pounds”, “Bad Boys 2”, and “Shrek”. She enjoys listening to music, with Rihanna being her favorite singer, which is why she named her first daughter Rihanna.

According to her social media, Proctor also enjoys doing indoor slick-cart racing.

During her time with Newton, the two enjoyed watching football matches together at the stadium.

Kia Proctor age, height and weight

33-year-old Kia Proctor is 1. 68 tall and weighs around 121lbs (55kgs).

Where can I find Kia Proctor

Kia Proctor is pretty active on social media, that said her preferred social media platform in Instagram, where she often shares snaps of her daily life and her children.

Kia Proctor Instagram

Find Kia on Instagram here, where she has over 64k followers.

How successful is Kia Proctor?

Cam Newton’s girlfriend Kia Proctor is a former stripper (which she did under the name Hazel). Stripping isn’t easy – you try sliding up and down that pole for hours on end and see how sore you are at the end of the day. PLUS, there’s a lot of losers in there. In her former life as an adult dancer, she worked for the famous Washington DC Stadium Club.

The assumption is that Kia has given up her former career. She has done plenty of modeling work recently. This newfound modeling career, along with a relationship with the prohibitive NFL MVP favorite, likely closes the door on a return to the stage & pole.

Kia Proctor career

Kia Proctor rose to fame after she entered into a relationship with Cam Newton, an American Football quarterback with the Carolina Panthers. Before becoming a model, Kia worked as a stripper using the name Hazel, and became renowned in various clubs such as the Washington Stadium Club. Besides modeling, Kia also worked as a party host in Atlanta.

Those days are behind her since the mom of five, is now also a businesswoman.

Where does Kia Proctor live?

She lives in Atlanta.

What does Kia Proctor do now?

Kia stays busy caring for the couple’s children.

Cam Newton bio

Cameron Jerrell Newton was born on May 11, 1989; the Georgia native is the second of three boys, Newton hailed from a home in which athletics and hard work were a central part of growing up. While Newton’s mother, Jackie, stayed on top of her boys’ studies, their father, Cecil, cast a large shadow over their sports lives and weekend activities. Football, part-time jobs and household chores kept his sons busy.

While attending Westlake High School in Atlanta, Newton quickly earned the attention of college football scouts from around the country. By his senior year, Newton, was one of the top high school prospects in the country, had received scholarship offers from the University of Georgia, the University of Florida and Virginia Tech, among other college football powerhouses.

Cam Newton net worth

Newton, starred in college at Auburn University. In 2010, he led the Tigers to a National Championship and won the Heisman Trophy.

He was selected by the Carolina Panthers with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. As the Panthers quarterback, he won the NFL MVP in 2015, and led the team to a Super Bowl appearance that season.

After the 2019 season, in which he was plagued by injuries, the Panthers released their former franchise QB. Newton recently signed a one-year, $7.5-million contract with the New England Patriots.

According to online sources, he has an approximate net worth of $75 million.

How successful is Cam Newton?

He played college football at Florida and Auburn. He was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. Newton is the only player in the modern era to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in an NFL draft within a one-year span. He was the 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year, is a three-time Pro Bowler, and was named the NFL MVP in 2015.

Cam Newton personal life

The star QB caused new distractions through his interactions with the media around 2017. During an early October press conference, after female sportswriter Jourdan Rodriguez asked a question about a teammate’s style of play, Newton remarked that it was “funny” to hear a woman ask that sort of question. The response went viral and triggered an outrage, prompting one of Newton’s major sponsors, Dannon, to drop him as a spokesman. Newton soon uploaded a videotaped apology to Twitter.

Newton seemingly nursed a grudge against the press for several weeks afterward. In mid-October, he failed to show up for the team’s weekly Q&A with reporters. Newton returned the following week, but suddenly exited after brushing off a question. However, his mood toward the media softened as the year progressed, a development likely fueled by Carolina’s revival as a playoff-caliber team.

Cam Newton relationships

Cam has been a couple of romantic relationships, that includes his two baby mamas, Kia Proctor and La Reina Shaw.

Cam Newton kids

Well folks, there are three! Cam Newton wife Kia Proctor gave birth to a son, the couple’s first child. Cam Newton’s son is named Chosen, which must have been complicated to explain to the family. It turns out that Cam’s “rock the cradle” touchdown dance was a direct reference to their new child. Newton wouldn’t comment on this touchdown dance at the time. He now explains that he didn’t want to take any attention away from his team.

Cam even claims that his son Chosen was walking – at a mere one month! Obviously this was a joke. That said, it certainly wouldn’t surprise us if Chosen Newton inherits some athletic genes. Cam’s athletic talents aren’t up for debate, but don’t forget Kia Proctor’s place in this equation.

Their second child, a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. She was born February 3, 2017. Their third child, another son, was born on July 6, 2018. Kia Proctor gave birth to the couple’s fourth child in the fall of 2019.

He is also the father of another child, Caesar -whom he fathered with Instagram model, La Reina Shaw.

That would bring the count to a total of five biological kids.

Newton also considers himself the father of Proctor’s daughter Shakira and Shaw’s son Jaden.

Cam Newton fashion

Off the field, Cam Newton has been known to enjoy fashion and to have his unique style. The 31-year-old is recognized for his colorful, over-the-top ensembles and accessories.

Back in 2013, he came up with his own clothing line, MADE.

Cam Newton’s avant-garde fashion has evolved over the years; he recently said in a video vlog, that he has probably spent ‘thousands and thousands of dollars – maybe even millions of dollars – on clothes that I only wore once”

For 2021, the NFL star has adopted a new fashion philosophy revealing he wants to be more of a thrift and vintage shopper, putting off his love for designer threads.
Earlier this year Cam Newton took a trip to LA to help design and create a new Black History Month Line of hats for his company Meshika.

Cam Newton outfits

Speaking about style and self expression, Newton revealed to ManCave Media, the reason he dresses the way he does is to ’empower uniqueness’

Cam Newton hair

Newton continued to say during the same interview that when people ask him ‘Cam why youre growing your hair out’?
His response

‘…we all have a platform to be able to empower people, and the only thing I want to do is to motivate people to just be yourself’

Cam Newton hair age, height and weight

31-year-old Cam Newton, stands at 6′ 5″ and weighs approximately, 111 Kg.

Cam Newton career

Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy at Auburn University and became an NFL MVP with the Carolina Panthers.

Following a tumultuous college career, The Carolina Panthers, selected Newton with the first pick. The quarterback quickly adapted, throwing 21 touchdowns and passing for more than 4,000 yards to earn Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.

In the years since, Newton has become one of the league’s stars, leveraging his size, arm and legs to become one of the most dynamic players in football. In 2015, Newton amassed 35 touchdowns against just 10 interceptions and rushed for another 10 scores, a performance that netted him the NFL MVP award. He also led the Panthers to a remarkable 15-1 record and an appearance in Super Bowl 50, which concluded with a loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

The 2016 season brought new challenges for Newton. The Panthers finished with a disappointing 6-10 record, leaving them out of the playoff picture.

While the Panthers got off to a better start in 2017, the team wound up winning 11 games and entered the playoffs as the NFC’s No. 5 seed, before suffering a close loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Following a string of injuries and subsequent surgery between 2018 and 2019; Carolina released Newton in March 2020, bidding farewell to the franchise’s career leader in passing yardage and passing touchdowns.

In June 2020, Newton signed a one-year deal to play with the New England Patriots, replacing QB Tom Brady.

Cam Newton injury

Newton attempted to play through a shoulder injury in the second half of 2018, before sitting out the final two games. He subsequently underwent surgery in January 2019.

Prior to the start of the 2019 regular season, Newton suffered a foot injury that rendered him uncharacteristically immobile when the games began to count. He wound up playing in just two games, before announcing he would again undergo surgery in December.

Cam Newton philanthropy

It’s been widely documented that Newton has done a ton for the Carolina community. From his annual Thanksgiving jam event to playing his role as Santa around the community during Christmas time, Newton has always made it a point to make an impact in Charlotte.
The quarterback was the winner of the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Charity Challenge -which rewards NFL players for having a positive impact in the community.

Through his foundation, Newton has provided $5.13 million in grant funding, programming resources, and donations to schools in Charlotte and Atlanta. The Cam Newton Foundation was established in 2012.

How is Cam Newton helping kids in 2021

Newton recently experienced a run-in with a teen at a football camp. While the high schooler has been labeled as disrespectful, Newton on the other hand, has been praised for his response to the teen. The incident has since gone viral with fellow NFL players defending Newton and calling the younger player, ungrateful.

While hosting a football camp, Cam Newton got into an argument with the attendee in question. The young player seemed to target Newton about his free agency.

The teen can be heard repeatedly yelling “you a free agent” to Newton to which the quarterback responded with “I’m rich.”

“You about to be poor,” the young player said in response.

At one point, Newton asked to to speak with his father, but the heckler continued yelling “You a free agent.”

Newton then posted a video of a later conversation he had with the heckler. Newton starts by saying, “If you wanted some attention, I’m gonna give you attention, in the right way, bro.”
The exchange takes a calmer note as they discuss the training his team had that day.

The QB also added
“People want to see me arguing with another young man and to see me get in my feelings … but the truth is this, I impact kids’ lives in a positive way, make no mistake”

Where does Cam Newton live?

Newton lives in North Carolina.

What does Cam Newton do now?

Newton is coming off a disappointing season with the Patriots where he threw for 2,657 yards, 8 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He is a free agent and likely won’t be back in New England in 2021.
He is currently working on his Meshika hats line, which is releasing its first collection of hats in February.
He joint forced with third generation hat maker, Roberto ‘Beto’ -the man he used to make one hat a week for Newton.

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