Raina Patricia, 5 Things You Need To Know About Matt Patricia’s wife

Raina Patricia

Matt Patricia’s wife Raina Patricia is the mother of their three kids.  Their two older boys named Dominic and Dante, and their daughter, Giamina. Raina Patricia is originally from Massachusetts, and she’s a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.  Which, if we’re being honest, there’s not much more Massachusetts than that. One of her favorite Buffett lines is “don’t try to describe the ocean if you’ve never seen it”.   The couple actually hung out with Buffett at a concert in Cincinnati in June of 2015 and let the guy wear one of Matt’s Super Bowl ring. I’ve got to say, the ring looks completely absurd and is the size of a large sand dollar.  But hey, from a staff of Patriots fans, there’s no complaints here.

Following the Patriots 2018 AFC Championship game, the Patricia family had an intimate moment on the turf of Gillette.   In what was likely Patricia’s last game calling Foxboro home, he brought his son on the field after the confetti flew.  Patricia lost the game of touch football to his kiddo, but probably ranks as his favorite loss ever.

Here are 5 Things You Need To Know About Matt Patricia’s wife:

  1.  -Under the glow of the lights in an empty stadium, Patricia lay down with his boy sitting on his stomach.  As cool a moment as a father could have.  Matt Patricia’s wife was also quick to hit the field during post game celebrations.  The moment clearly meant a lot.  It’s likely their final night in the place they call home, and they soaked it in.
  2. -For Halloween, Matt Patricia’s wife dressed up in a camouflage dress. The costume itself wasn’t newsworthy.  But when she’s in a group picture which shows Matt and Bill Belichick in full personality mode, it makes news.
  3. -Matt was dressed as a hippie guy with a camouflage shirt and a flannel. The couple was thematically crushed by Bill and his lady, who went the full pirate garb route. Hey, at least Raina and Matt participated, right? If you’re going to a costume party, you’ve got to at least put something different on. Speaking of people who went the extra mile for the Patriots Halloween Party, I should just mention briefly that Tom Brady and Giselle Bunchen did not disappoint as the cowardly lion and Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” Great costumes, perfect people!
  4. -Before she married him, Matt Patricia’s wife was known as Raina Grigelvich. She’s actually originally from Foxboro, according to Boston magazine, which had a series of small blurbs about her visiting Iceland and riding small horses around the country. I guess they thought it would be somewhat interesting for the travel section.
  5. -She went there with her brother Scott and also visited the capital of Reykjavik. This was before she was known to be in a relationship with Matt, so her being featured in Boston magazine was just sort of a lucky coup for her. Let it be said that her name change from Raina Grigelvich to Raina Patricia seems very cool to me. Raina Patricia sounds pretty nifty compared to her old name.

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