Most Expensive Tennis Racket

Looking to spend a pretty penny on your next tennis racket? Tennis rackets are part of the sport’s essential gear, so why not get the best you can afford right. Today we’ll be telling you all about the most expensive tennis racket out in the market.

Did you know that most tennis rackets are made in Japan and that a premium one should have no strings! That’s right, professional players like them that way because they can choose the strings to use them with.

A good tennis racket can make all the difference in your playing experience due to the grip of a high-grade tennis racket in your palms. Now that you know how important it is to get the best equipment you can find, check out our list of the most expensive tennis racket.


How much can an expensive tennis racket cost?

You can expect to pay around $700 for a high-quality racket. This price tag should offer you the latest technological integrations, player experience, durability, and versatility.

It’s an expensive tennis racket worth it?

In simple words, buying an expensive tennis racket can be a game-changer for your tennis career. A significant part of playing top-class tennis is mainly to your skillset, which doesn’t play down how relevant a good racket can be.

Tennis racket elements to look for?

Material: A top-rated tennis racket will be made of materials including aluminum or metallic alloys to attain that perfect strength.

Technology: Shock proofing, carbon stabilizing, synthetic leather grip, AirLite alloy, etc., are some remarkable innovations that you can find in a good-quality tennis racket.

Construction: Strongly woven tensile fabric, reinforced material, and an ability to make the racket feel comfortable in a first-time player are all a result of top-of-the-line mastery. The better the build quality, the more durable you can expect your racket to be, and at the same time, costly.

What is the most expensive tennis racket?

That title goes to The Proximus Diamond Games tennis racquet worth $1.3 million. Now, do not panic; this is actually a prize.
This prize tennis racquet is made from pure gold and weighs 8.8 pounds. Not only that but it is also studded with around 1,700 real diamonds.
It was given to retired tennis star Amelie Mauresmo for winning the Diamond Games Tournament in Antwerp 3 years in a row.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket

Most Expensive Tennis Racket is The Chanel Racket: $1,550.00

The racket comes with a CC logo printed on the center of the string mesh. It also comes with a Chanel sports bag with straps. The entire set is a part of Chanel’s recent line of sports equipment.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: The Chanel Racket


  • Carbon tennis racket
  • Case- Height 29″, Width 11.5″, Depth 1″; Racket- Height 27″, Width 10.5″
  • Includes black quilted case with zip closure at side.

Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original: $2,800

Inspired by the uncontaminated design and tuxedo look of Roger’s new Pro Staff RF97, the Limited Edition Pro Staff RF85 gives Roger’s first professional weapon a sleek aesthetic with his signature touch. This classic racket turns back the clock with a legendary twist.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original


  • 4-3/8 Grip. Pro Staff RF85 Limited Edition Tennis Racquet
  • 85 Inch Head Size
  • Made for Optimum Control
  • Strung with Wilson NXT Duramax

Dunlop Max 200g Grand Slam Edition: $700

This is another collector’s item made famous by legends Steffi Graf and John McEnroe.
Dunlop started the transition away from aluminum, which was seen as too flexible to optimally control, by creating the Max 200G in 1980. It was one of the first graphite tennis racquets and featured a 12.5-ounce, 85 sq. in. frame. When legends Steffi Graf and John McEnroe showed what the frame could do in competition, Dunlop knew it had something significant on its hands. The then-revolutionary injection molding process of carbon fiber (graphite) and nylon into even lighter frames was refined in subsequent models.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Dunlop Max 200g Grand Slam Edition


  • Dunlop Max 200G classic tennis racket Golden Grand Slam Model
  • L4 4 1/2 grip size

Babolat Pure Aero VS x2 Tennis Racquet: $499.00

The French-made Babolat AeroPro Drive sells for around $200 -$500 and provides immense maneuvering and stability. It helps you perform faster, as seen when Rafael Nadal plays with one at times.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Babolat Pure Aero VS x2 Tennis Racquet


  • Size 4 3/8
  • Brand Babolat
  • Grip Size 4 3/8

Puma Boris Becker World Champion Racket 1995: $380.04

These professional tennis models were used and promoted by German tennis star Boris Becker in his heydays. This high-tech graphite creation can be bought at around $380 online today.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Puma Boris Becker World Champion Racket 1995


  • Head size: 92 in² = 593 cm²
  • Grip size: L 3 = 4 3/8
  • Length: 68.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 340 g
  • Strings: 16 longitudinal / 19 transverse

Head Prestige Pro: $298.18

The PRESTIGE PRO is made for the technical tour player who needs a precise racquet right to the point. The PRESTIGE PRO features the Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360’s energy transfer and innovative spiral fibers for enhanced flex and clean impact feel as well as an open, dynamic 16/19 string pattern. The racquet also features the silo’s new reduced, asymmetric design identity, just as on point as your game. The Prestige Series is endorsed by Marin Cilic.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Head Prestige Pro


  • Graphene 360+ technology
  • Silo’s new reduced, asymmetric design identity
  • CPI: 300
  • WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 315 g / 11.1 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 615 cm² / 95 in²
  • GRIP SIZE:1-5
  • BALANCE: 315 mm / 1 in HL
  • LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
  • BEAM: 22mm

Yonex ASTRAL 105: $259.00

Yonex updates the Astrel 105 with some new technologies but keeps the user-friendly combination of speed, comfort, and power. At under 10 ounces, this racquet delivers impressive ease of use, making it ideal for beginners.

It should also be good for the early intermediate and savvy doubles specialists in the market for maximum maneuverability. Like the previous generation, this racquet is built to deliver arm-friendly comfort and effortless power. To that end, it features a new React Resin material, which is a lightweight substance integrated into the graphite layup to create a more flexible and comfortable feel at impact.

Most Expensive Tennis Racket: Yonex ASTREL 105


  • Head Size: 105 in² / 677.42 cm²
  • Length: 27in / 68.58cm
  • Strung Weight: 9.8oz / 278g
  • Balance: 13.38in / 33.99cm / 1 pts HL
  • Swingweight: 298
  • Stiffness: 68
  • Beam Width: 27mm / 28.5mm / 25mm
  • Composition: HM Graphite/ Vibeslayer Carbon
  • Power Level: Medium-High
  • Stroke Style: Medium-Full
  • Swing Speed: Slow-Moderate
  • Grip Type: Yonex Synthetic
  • String Tension:40-55 pounds

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