Paul Pogba Net Worth – bio – 15 things you need to know

Paul Pogba Net Worth

Paul Pogba net worth, personal life, family, hobbies and social media are some of the things fans are always wondering about the pro footballer.

Pogba has had a successful run in professional soccer earning millions along the way, and getting fans all over the world.
At 27, it was recently announced that the Man Utd. star is currently sidelined with thigh problem.
Today, we get to take a closer look into his life and career; for more things you need to know about Paul Pogba, keep scrolling down.

Paul Pogba Net Worth timeline

In 2009, Paul Pogba was ‘lured’ by Manchester United’s offer, which allegedly included a lump sum payment of 90,000 pounds and a house.

By 2010, he had earned a spot on the reserve team and by 2011 he was selected for promotion to the first team.

Not contempt with the club, In 2012 he joined Juventus after not signing a new contract. While in Italy, Paul Pogba truly made a name for himself.

By 2014, he had renewed his contract with the apparent intent of staying in Italy.

By the end of 2016, he had reached a whole new level of play, and he finished the season as the joint top assist provider.

After four years with Juventus, Pogba returned to Manchester United in 2016 for a then-record $120 million transfer fee.

His 5-year contract with United pays more than $20 million a year.

In 2018, Pogba helps France to World Cup glory in Russia and is hailed for becoming one of the team’s leaders under Didier Deschamps.

In 2021, Porgba continues his rehabilitation from a recent thigh injury.
The French midfielder last featured for United in their 3-3 draw with Everton at the start of the month and has returned to training on the grass as part of solo sessions.

Paul Pogba Net Worth 2021

Online sources say as of 2021, Paul Pogba has an estimated net worth of $125 million.
Paul who is also an integral part of the French national team; is one of the highest paid soccer players on the planet.

How much does Paul Pogba get paid?

Paul Pogba is considered one of the most talented young soccer players of his time. He is one of the most expensive players in the world, commanding one of the largest wages at Manchester United.

According to his contract, he gets paid more than 20 million a year, around $28 according to Forbes. He also makes another $6-10 million from endorsements.

Paul Pogba Manchester United

His first debut with ‘Manchester United’ was in October of 2009 with the ‘Under-18’ team. In 2011 he helped his team win the ‘Youth Cup,’ and in 2012 he had his ‘Premier League’ and his ‘UEFA Europa League’ debuts only a few months apart.

That same year Paul received some backlash for refusing to sign a new ‘Manchester United’ contract.

Soon after leaving ‘Manchester United’ he joined ‘Juventus.’ During his first season with the club he played in the ‘Serie A’ and the ‘UEFA Champions League’ and in 2013 received the ‘Golden Boy’ award.

In 2014, he was named one Europe’s top ten most promising players and led his team to the ‘Serie A’ 2015 win, the ‘Champions League’ finals, and the ‘Coppa Italia’ win.
In 2016, Paul Pogba signed a contract with ‘Manchester United’ worth about £89.3 million. He led Manchester to the ‘EFL Cup’ finals, and in May of 2017, and he helped them win the ‘Europa League’ title.

Paul has also remained a part of the French National team since the very beginning of his career as a soccer player and captained the French team to their first ‘FIFA Under-20 World Cup.’

What is Paul Pogba’s position?

Paul Pogba has quickly become one of the most successful and sought-after soccer players in the world. He has led every team he’s been on to several victories and will gain more fame as he continues to play.

The pro footballer has been deployed in a variety of different positions, testing his skill and making it a bit of a debate regarding his best position.
His primary position is as a central midfielder, however he can also perform as defensive and attacking midfielder as well as a playmaker.

The World Cup winner, concedes that influencing the game in the final third is what he enjoys most, but insists playing is the most important thing.

He told BT Sport

“I always love to be in front, but with my body, my abilities and everything, if I can do both, why not?

“But I always want the ball, to touch the ball, be there to make the last pass, third pass, assist shot header and as well to be there defensively I can do it.

“I would prefer to be further [forward] but that doesn’t depend one. As long as I play that’s all that matters.”

Paul Pogba Adidas deal

Paul Pogba has a major sponsorship deal with sportswear manufacturer adidas , with whom he signed a 10-year deal in 2016 worth a staggering $40m. That was the same year Paul returned to Manchester United and the deal could not have been better for Adidas since they also provide the kit for the club.

At the time, he was announced as the face of the company’s new laceless ACE 16 PureControl boots, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

In addition to his long-term sponsorship with Adidas, Pogba often promotes Adidas products in various commercials. He is also a regular addition to the “FIFA” video game series published by Electronic Arts.

Paul Pogba jersey

If you want to be the ultimate fan, then wearing a Paul Pogba jersey is what you need. You can wear the name and number of your favorite player or create a custom Manchester United jersey with your own name and number.

You can get your Paul Pogba jersey at The Official Manchester United Online Store.

Who is the richest player in Manchester United?

Paul Pogba is among five Manchester United players in the top 18 richest young sports stars.
At number two, just behind David de Gea, Paul Pogba is one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League, earning £290,000 per week.

Paul Pogba favorite hobbies

Outside of football, Pogba promotes charities to end racism and clean oceans. His own foundation is focused on clean drinking water in Africa.

He has been active in charity work throughout the years donating €100,000 to the International Red Cross while a Juventus player.
In 2016, meanwhile, he took part in the BigShoe11 campaign along with Arsenal star Mesut Ozil and paid for surgeries for 11 Tanzanian children.

Upon moving to Manchester United, his charity work has not stopped, helping out the club’s own Foundation as well as teaming up with the Red Devils to support Unicef.

In November of 2017 he raised the issue of slavery in Libya by celebrating a goal by mimicking a man in chains. He also has his own charity. The Pogba Foundation was launched in 2017.

One could say, his hobbies include doing charity work, in addition to Basketball, bowling, boxing and grilling.

Paul Pogba age

Paul Labile Pogba was born in Lagny-Sur-Marne, France on March 15, 1993.
That makes him currently, a 27-year-old man.

Paul Pogba height

Paul Pogba stands at 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)

Paul Pogba girlfriend, Who is Maria Zulay Salaues?

Paul Pogba girlfriend is Maria Zulay Salaues, a Bolivian model and stylist. She also describes herself as an Interior Designer on social media.

Though she is known to the world through her association to the famous footballer, Maria Zulay Salaues might be more than just a girlfriend. In 2019, Maria Zulay Salaues changed her Instagram name to Zulay Pogba -sparking rumors of a secret wedding. Though they haven’t confirmed a union, the two are definitely in a committed relationship.

The couple was first spotted in Los Angeles in 2017. Despite years of relationship the two have been equally secretive of their bond.

Maria Zulay Salaues was born in 1996 in Bolivia. While in her homecountry she studied Business Administration at the University of Bolivia but dropped out and at some point she made the move to the United States.
She worked as a real estate agent in California, where she met Paul.

Since then, Maria has been spotted supporting his man in a few of his Manchester United games. She also attended France’s World Cup games in Russia.
Shortly after they began dating, she made the move to England and are currently living together.

Does Paul Pogba have a child?

The answer would be yes. He and serious girlfriend, Maria Zulay Salaues, welcomed their first child into the world in January of 2019.

The couple welcomed a son, whom they named Labile Shakur and who is currently two.

Who is Paul Pogba’s barber?

If you’ve been following Pogba’s career, you’d know his ever changing hairstyles is always a talking point. For the superstitious, Pogba’s hair, has been linked to his performance on the field, reason why knowing who is barber is, takes another level of importance.

The name of Paul Pogba’s barber would be Ahmed Alsanawi. Paul has entrusted his locks into his hands for a couple of years now.
Alsanawi is the owner of A Star Barbers, located in Chessington in Greater London. Other famous clients include Manchester United defender Eric Bailly, Bournemouth’s Dominic Solanke and Man City forward Riyad Mahrez.

Where does Paul Pogba live?

Paul Pogba currently calls England, his home.

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