Sam Darnold’s Girlfriend Claire Kirksey

Sam Darnold Girlfriend

Claire Kirksey was once identified as the girlfriend of QB sensation Sam Darnold -who is currently playing with the New York Jets of the National Football League.

The two used to be an item for a while back in 2018; however, after paying a visit to her social media, it is safe to say the pretty blonde is no longer in a relationship with the NFL star QB.
The two parted ways before he made it as a professional signed player.

Sam Darnold’s girlfriend first appeared in Sam’s social media feedback in November 2016. It is unclear when the two began dating, but they were seen having a blast together at a concert. In March 2017, Claire said it was hard not to have fun with Sam. They went to Indian Wells and strutted around in bathing suits. By then, it was pretty clear they were boyfriend and girlfriend. The relationship seemed strong through at least October of 2018; that said, they may have broken up shortly after he made it to the NFL.

Claire Kirksey

Sam Darnold’s girlfriend, Claire, is a Long Beach State college student and sorority member. Of course, she will cheer for the great USC at a moment’s notice. After all, it’s home to a fantastic film program.

Her father is Tom Kirksey, and her mother Liz Thompson Kirksey. Claire has one brother, Clay Kirksey.

Will Sam Darnold’s girlfriend move to the Big Apple with him?

It appears this is where the two took different paths. Well, first, a little history.

When Claire and Sam first appeared on each other’s social media, there was some question about her pictures with another fellow named Derek. It later became clear the two were only friends.
Sam Darnold’s girlfriend mentioned that Derek “gets her” on her social media in a picture where he hugged her from behind. She looked elated in the picture, but they were most likely only kidding since Sam also used to hang out with him.

During their time together. She proclaimed August 17 the best night of the entire summer of 2017. It was when the two attended a concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. She proclaimed it the best night of the summer since they also met Sam Hunt, the singer-songwriter they went to see there. Sam also took Claire to the Blue Martini Ball event in June 2017. She said they like to “party with the old people.”

Her last post with Darnold was also back in 2017 ahead of college football season. Sam Darnold girlfriend noted on Instagram on September 2, 2017

“Can’t wait to be cheering this stud on for another great season?#proudgf #fighton,”

In a 2017 profile by the Los Angeles Times, it was apparently Darnold’s humility that initially drew Kirksey to the quarterback when they first started dating.

The article noted that it took a while before Darnold opened up to Kirksey.

He is a natural introvert. Claire met him last fall and was drawn by his lack of pretense and a humility that surprised her. He liked her too, but it took some time before he opened up.

While the social media posts about each other stopped in 2017, the couple was last spotted together in 2018.

As for a move to the Big Apple?  Well, that’s pretty unlikely. Besides, Claire is keeping busy. She’s got the Instagram account of an upcoming IG model.  Lots of sun, drinking, and hanging out with friends.  God, being in your 20s is fun.  But there’s been nothing to suggest she’s doing anything other than enjoying her summer with friends. Indeed no apartment hunting or pics from Jets camp anyways. She is already in a new relationship.

Sam Darnold’s girlfriend now calls her boyfriend, Liam McCloskey. She revealed on an Instagram post that he met him around November 2019. The two became Instagram official over the summer of 2020.

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Sam Darnold Dating

Sam Darnold’s girlfriend, Claire Kirksey, was considered to be Sam’s first committed relationship from college.

He previously dated during his high school years. Numerous sites identified his high school sweetheart as a girl named, Summer.

Sam Darnold Single

As for his current personal/romantic life, the QB is believed to be single and focusing on doing what he does best on the field.
Darnold prefers to keep his life private just one of the many indications that the Jets quarterback enjoys life outside of the spotlight.

In 2019, he missed the majority of the Jets games while battling mono.

Sam Darnold, Instagram Model

As private as he tries to keep his personal life, alcohol will probably make you slip sooner rather than later.
This is what almost happened to the young QB when in 2019, a story was published about how Darnold nearly fell into the hands of an Instagram model.

The story goes that his Jets teammates had to protect Sam from ending up in a bad situation. It was around November of 2019 when the Jets walloped the Oakland Raiders 34-3 at MetLife Stadium.
After the Raiders game, Sam got waisted and ‘hooked up’ with an IG model ‘looking for clout.’
The story was published by the NY Post

“They were celebrating like they’d just won the Super Bowl,” said a spy on the scene. “Sam Darnold was wasted, hooking up with some girl. The other guys on the team had to [look after] him.”

“[There was] a limo driving him and the players around all night,” added the source.

Meanwhile, an insider told us, “His team protects him — that’s the way they are on the field, and off it. He’s the franchise.”

Sam Darnold Age

Samuel Richard Darnold was born on June 5, 1997. The California native is currently 23 years old.

The son of Michael and Chris Darnold was raised in Dana Point, CA, along with one sister, Franki Darnold.

Both his father, Mike, and grandfather played college football. His mom is a physical education teacher, and his sister Franki played college volleyball at the University of Rhode Island. His other grandfather is former Marlboro Man, actor, and USC athlete Dick Hammer.

Sam played both basketball and football at San Clemente High School. He was the 2016 Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year and won the Archie Griffin Award that season. He played college football at USC and led the Trojans to the 2017 Rose Bowl, clinching a victory over Penn State. He went from an unknown player to the star Trojans’ quarterback. Sam majored in communication at USC.

He was selected third overall in the 2018 NFL Draft by the New York Jets, becoming the NFL’s youngest opening-day starter.

Sam Darnold Salary

In July 2018, Darnold signed a four-year deal worth over thirty million with the Jets.

The four-year deal is worth $30,247,715, including a $20,078,338 signing bonus, $30,247,715 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $7,561,929.

According to spotrac, in 2020, Darnold earned a base salary of $750,000 and a roster bonus of $2,569,790 while carrying a cap hit of $8,339,374 and a dead cap value of $17,873,650.

Sam Darnold Instagram

The 23-year-old NFL quarterback is active on Instagram, with a following of 190k. The New York Jets player isn’t all that active, as he only has over 200 images.

He mostly posts NFL stuff and the occasional snap with family and friends. No special lady is nowhere to be seen, if there is any.

Sam Darnold Twitter

Sam is not the Twitter type; he said back in 2018 about not having a Twitter account and avoiding social media:

“I feel like it’s important to be aware… be aware of what the media is saying about you, what’s going on,” “I feel like it is important, but at the same time, I’m not going to sit on Twitter, because I feel like that’s just kind of almost a waste of time.”

He also added that he sometimes googles his name

“I know what’s going on if there’s a funny meme about me or whatever … I’m aware of it, but I’m not on Twitter looking up my name and searching for anything… But I’m not going to lie. In the offseason, sometimes I’ll go on Google and see if anything’s up about me, if anything’s being said about me.”

For the record, it’s not that fans wouldn’t follow the NFL star.

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