Kelly Hall – QB Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend/ Fiancee

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford has been off the market for quite some time, his girlfriend is the pretty Kelly Hall, we should mention that Kelly is not just his girlfriend but also his fiancee, Kelly was spotted eating ice cream and wearing the biggest rock on her finger. Congrats Kelly and Matthew!!!

26-year-old Matthew Stafford from Tampa, he was on his junior at the University of Georgia when he signed a deal with the Detroit Lions,  he was named starting quarterback on September 6, 2009.

Pretty Kelly Hall from Atlanta, Georgia  met her soon-to-be hubby at the University of Georgia.

Where she was a cheerleader for the Bulldogs, Kelly and Matt have been dating ever since.

Kelly who graduated from college in 2007, tweeted that she paid for her own breast implants, rather that  Matthew as people suggested, the next time she was mentioned on a website was when she posted a video of her in a bikini on Instagram with the caption “Drunk Modeling In Costa Rica.”

29-year-old (in 2019) Kelly Hall (Born in 1989) the youngest daughter of Jack Hall, 55, and Leslie Hall, 54, who are also the proud parents of Kelly’s older siblings Jennifer and Chandler “Chad” currently a wide receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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