Tina Mitrione: MMA Matt Mitrione’s Wife

Let’s gеt mоrе familiar with UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione’s soft ѕidе ѕhаll we! Thе 35-year-old a.k.a “Meathead” iѕ married tо beautiful wife, Tina. Shе iѕ thе mother оf hiѕ thrее children, twо sons аnd оnе littlе girl born in November оf 2010. Tina’s tough fighter husband whо hаѕ a background in football, hаving played fоr … Read more

Most Expensive BMX Bikes

Are you the curious mind always searching for the best and most expensive products even if you can’t afford them? Then you’ll probably be interested in knowing about the most expensive BMX bikes out there. When thinking about a good quality BMX bike, experts say that these bikes should be light, this way helping riders … Read more